NUBOMEDIA: FP7/2007-2013 GA-610576

NUBOMEDIA technologies get award in Paris

  • Best of show award

NUBOMEDIA was present at WebRTC Conference and Expo Paris 2014 on last December. We introduced the latest technological results of the project in a plenary talk where NUBOMEDIA current infrastructure, based on OpenStack, was presented to the audience. In addition, and thanks to a sponsorship funded by the FIWARE initiative, we had the possibility of participating at the demo sessions showing latest developers on Kurento Media Server: the main media processing component of NUBOMEDIA.

The results could not be better, Kurento Media Server obtained the “Best Of Show Award”, the most relevant award of the conference.

Luis Lopez, NUBOMEDIA project coordinator, presents it with these words “Kurento Media Server has obtained relevant awards at the two main WebRTC conferences in the world: the one in Silicon Valley and the one in Paris, which shows its leading position in the area of WebRTC open source media server infrastructures. Kurento Media Server is the result of research efforts funded by the European Commission through the FI-WARE and NUBOMEDIA projects and executed in collaboration between universities, research centers and European companies. Kurento Media Server is clearly a demonstration of the innovation capability of Europe and on the fact that Europe can generate extremely competitive technologies for the Internet when the appropriate funding and conditions are provided to researchers.”