NUBOMEDIA: FP7/2007-2013 GA-610576

NUBOMEDIA IMS Connector: a video demo

One of the most interesting features of NUBOMEDIA is that it can fully interoperate with IMS infrastructures. For this, the project has created an IMS Connector that enables the seamless introduction of WebRTC calls into IMS environments. We have created a video demo illustrating how this connector works:

This IMS Connector video demo shows a NUBOMEDIA demo Application demonstrating the interoperability between WebRTC and IMS networks. With this objective, the application implements three use cases leveraging a WebRTC JavaScript API that provides access to an IMS network. The three use cases implemented are:

  • Audio/Video session between two WebRTC-IMS UserAgents
  • Instant Messaging chat between two WebRTC-IMS UserAgents
  • File Sharing between two WebRTC-IMS UserAgents over the IMS network

The Kamailio Server is employed as IMS network, therefore in the first part of the video it is shown the starting of Kamailio Server itself. Then, the user provisioned are also shown: they are 4, 2 for each UserAgent. In particular, each UserAgent has:

  • an user for the audio/video session and for the instant messaging chat (e.g.: alice , bob , etc.)
  • an user for the file sharing feature (e.g.: , , etc.)

As first step, when the application starts, the UserAgents automatically register their users on the Kamailio IMS Network. Then, for the Audio/Video session use case a WebRTC call between Alice and Bob is started: the two UserAgent’s view are both shown on the same form.For the second use, a different form is opened to show the Instant Messaging views of the two UserAgents and to show a simple message exchange between them.

Finally for the File Sharing use case a third form shows how an UserAgent can select and share a file with another UserAgent. Summing up, the video shows how a NUBOMEDIA App developer can leverage the WebRTC JavaScript library provided to connect to an IMS network and implement applications supporting features as audio/video call sessions, instant messaging and file sharing.