NUBOMEDIA: FP7/2007-2013 GA-610576

Community Structure

NUBOMEDIA as a community

NUBOMEDIA ambition is to create a community and a full ecosystem of users, contributors and business models. The force joining the community shall come from a transparent and flexible open source software licensing scheme. This page summarizes the contributions done by the partners of the NUBOMEDIA Consortium is to the open source community. Follow NUBOMEDIA twitter account and be informed on our progresses for building and growing up such community.

NUBOMEDIA source code structure

The NUBOMEDIA source code is available in GitHub under the organization nubomedia. This organization has a hierarchical structure that comprises 3 levels of repositories:

NUBOMEDIA Architecture

The following diagram is an interactive chart showing the NUBOMEDIA architecture. For further details about this architecture please visit the NUBOMEDIA Developer Guide. Please mouse over and click on each component of this figure to open a dialog box with the information about the responsible partner, links to code repositories, issue tracker, and so on.


NUBOMEDIA Media Server and Media APIs

NUBOMEDIA Video Content Analysis capabilities

NUBOMEDIA Augmented Reality Capabilities

NUBOMEDIA PaaS infrastructure and APIs

NUBOMEDIA Visual Development GUI


NUBOMEDIA Android Client APIs

NUBOMEDIA Virtual Infrastructure Management, Monitoring Tools

NUBOMEDIA NFV Cloud Components