NUBOMEDIA: FP7/2007-2013 GA-610576

NUBOMEDIA will be present at IMS World Forum

  • IMS World Forum 2014

IMS World Forum is one of the most important events for RTC infrastructures in the world. This year, it will take place on next April in Barcelone. The IMS World Forum is the only dedicated global IMS event in the market. Of course, during the forum specific tracks will be devoted to VoLTE and RCS services currently operating and launches planned in the near future. However, and with more relevance for NUBOMEDIA, there will be also talks giving a heavy focus on new developments in WebRTC and operations in virtualisation of the IMS core. In addition, a specific workshop will be focussing on innovations in WebRTC and Hypervoice technologies.

NUBOMEDIA will be present at the IMS World Forum for showing the project vision and initial results on the creation of cloud infrastructures specifically devoted to RTC. This event is a very relevant opportunity for interacting with the most relevant industrial players in the RTC arena and showing how NUBOMEDIA and WebRTC can be used for creating OTT real-time communication services going beyond the traditional phone call model. For this, we have been assigned a talk on Friday 30th afternoon track (Stream B: Further Expansion of IMS and Operations Within the Cloud). The talk, entitled "Open source platforms for wide deployment of WebRTC" will show how NUBOMEDIA can be used for the creation of long-tail WebRTC services in a seamless and simple manner. We will also explain why open source software platforms, such as NUBOMEDIA, are an essential ingredient of future WebRTC infrastructures and ecosystem. To conclude, we will present why having APIs is not enough for the rapid success of RTC services: we also need platforms making possible to develop thinking in the small (just as if the service were to be used by a reduced number of people) but to deploy thinking in the large (so that successful services can elastically and transparently scale).

If you have the opportunity, come and join us at the IMS World Conference 2014 on Friday 30th. We will love to have feedback from you.